Quick Report Twin- YS

Optiker, we lack those beautiful pics due to phone quality…but youngens can hook and release big gals too! 20" fat gal wanted that menhaden like Jared wanted that footlong! Missed several more reds today then the tide became ebb and the gar became as frustrating as sheepshead fishing. Hot on the bank but stuck that captains bucket shin deep and it kept that youngen having fun!!!
Youngen Style


Young un in this heat fishing, WOW is the word! Good on dad for taking her too!

What a pair you two are for real…

I bring the heat so why not fish in it. If u put the 2 together that equation equals out to us being on fire fishing.

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So awesome! Really fun to walk the bank and do some wading if the shoreline allows. Nice job! Make sure y’all enter the release at releaseover20.org. Would love to see y’all win our giveaway. Thanks for choosing to release your big fish :slight_smile:

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