Quick report

Haven’t been out much at all this spring, but took my buddy Scott out Sunday. He’s been going through a lot so the day was about listening and letting him get stuff off his mind as it was about fishing. I had a nice Release Over 20" trout on a skitterwalk in the morning, and we missed a few others. I decided to try a bunch of new areas with limited success (my favorite thing is exploring), and eventually ended up in Goose Creek. I hooked a decent red maybe 25" based on the pull and handed it to Scott to fight. It was a casting reel which he’s not familiar with. He said “the drag is really loose what do i do?” I say, “use your thumb as a secondary drag by putting it on the spool”. You can probably see where this is going? Fish gets boatside and “pop”. He stopped the spool completely. I don’t think he will let that happen again, but its easy to get excited fighting a fish. Not long after and we decide its time to eat a sammich and jump in the water. You know its hot when the water is 81 and it feels soooo goood to jump in. We’re cooling off when along comes Stump (see his report) probably wondering why the Eye Strike boat is unmanned drifting down the creek. Ended the day jamming to Kenny Chesney (Scott used to take his crew golfing when they were in town). Good day on the water.


Beautiful Trout and nice report. You must’ve put in before tide got low. I too fished GC a bit after 12:30 or so only for a few hours. It was hot with breeze off n on.

Put in at Remleys, so no tide issues. Did you see they are supposed to dredge Bushy starting spring 2024?

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Beautiful don’t think I’ve ever caught one that dark.

Beautiful trout Dave. I see you haven’t lost your touch.

Congrats on what sounded like an enjoyable day. Some good fish, friends, and a quick dip in the water. I went before daybreak Monday and had a blast. The trout were super hungry, inhaling “opening night” Z-man minnows on 3/8oz Trout Eye jig heads. I’ve been using variations of the suggestions you sent me and my success has drastically improved. I even released my first “over 20!”


That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing