Quick Trip

Been too long since I saw the water so I slipped out to try my luck real quick in the afternoon, snagged 3 trout and called it an evening. Don’t know water temps cause I didn’t have my head unit. Water was clear and just started to move. This guy was shedding his spots.

Weather left a lot to be desired, but it wasn’t near as cold as where I just came back from…


“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

nice trout shots stump! i showed my wife and kids more snow (and colder temps) than they’d ever seen a couple weekends back. nice once a year, sure looks like you enjoyed yourself too.

most recent instantaneous value at Ft. J is 48.7, so i’d say you did a good job convincing them they were hungry. might have a fairly nice bite (for february) after these next couple warm(er), blowy days with big tides helping to warm things up on the flats in the afternoons a bit. tomorrow evening on the early to mid-rise looks like the window for wind, tide, and temp unless you plan on getting way up a creek on Friday.