How many days of rain have we had?20 or so?
My yard is starting to look like the Edisto River.

The Edisto river is starting to look like the Mississippi River. Saw some pics of Martin’s Landing from a friend that lives close to it---- crazy.

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They said on the news that the current speed on the Savannah River at Clyo was 35 mph! [:0] Normal is about 3. We don’t need any more rain, but it’s still raining.

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On the positive side, if the creeks can stay full through summer and fall, should be some good fishing this Spring. Toilet is still flushing so I’m good for now… You guys on and near the Edisto, Y’all have some serious water issues!

A facebook friend of mine joked that we were in a 36 hour drought…and now…it’s over (after it started raining again.)

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Water in the intercostal and some nearby creeks right off of it were coffee brown when I went to work crab pots with daddy Friday…some of the crabs didnt fare so well with the lack of salt either :frowning:

miss’n fish’n

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No one watering lawns, washing cars…What will the rate increase be next year at CWS when they complain about lost water revenue?

Supposed to do our annual rivertrip in a couple of weeks. We usually stop along the beaches every mile or so to swim and relax. Heard there wasn’t many of those places along the route.

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Put in at Hagley Saturday morning, by the time the back wheels of the truck were at the top of the ramp, the boat was floating.

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Rented a house where the first floor is nothing but garage (like a beach house). There is a lot of moisture in the garage. Is that something you guys are experiencing, or might it be a problem with the house?

We had our first low tide on the upper upper Ashley in 3 weeks. But even during the incoming, the water is still rolling out - an fast. Low tide has been about 3’ above normal.

2 miles down stream and everything is normal.