Ran out of gas and fished this weekend

Decided to go out on Thurs. evening for a quick hit and back home. Well ran to Goose Creek and fished until the sun went down and headed home. The boat shuts down and I check my water separator and it looks good so I pulled up into the weeds so I don’t go further into bushy and a boat full of fishing angels pulls up and I told them my situation. They normally dock just up the river so I trolled back to there location and they gave me gas and yes that was the problem. Don’t rely on that fuel guage and too I normally keep the boat full. Thanks again guys for your assistance

Ok!!! Fished Saturday at the jetties for whitings and caught a few Bullheads but that was a rough ride back in because I put in at Duncan and ran out and got beat up back in with the high winds.

Sunday got out early just before LOWWWWW Tide at Bushy. Cloudy as heck but managed two Reds and one Trout before 8:30. Started for the jetties for some more whitings and the rain turned me around at Deytens; so back to bushy for some cats and trying for that flounder with no luck. Cleared up and felt it was enough water at Bushy to make it in But managed a 26.5" Red before running in

Made the weekend foul weather worth going out…

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Been there done that. Ran out of gas down in the Keys. Didn’t realize until then that my fuel gauge was malfunctioning.

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My gas gauge.

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Well done sir! Sometimes we all need a little assistance! Glad you got a few and didn’t get rained on!

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Nice job all things considered Eric!
I haven’t fished your waters in ages it seems… Need to get Flatty (whaler) back in ops…
Ran out of gas once up there. Learned my lesson. Was saved by none other than “grumpy” aka “Uncle Ed” Kidney, may he Rest in Peace.
Thanks for the post KOBP

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Feel your pain fatrat. Ran out a few times. Replaced all fuel lines, gauges, sending units, and pickups during the repower.

Not cheap but with calibration it is now very accurate.

This is just for those reading, some techniques that helped me.

If the bulb will reprime, stick the nose in the air (pushing fuel the the back of the tank) at idle or just above idle. It may go 20 min or more like that. Anything over idle will draw the fuel to fast creating an eddy and sucking in air.

Trolling motor is a life saver and if you catch the current seams right 4mph upriver incoming tide on the Cooper is achievable.
Watch for tugs they are faster than you think and take unexpected routes.
TM goes much further on 60-80% vs 100%

The Security boat will allow you to idle/troll through the restricted area. Give them a wide berth, stick to the outside bend hugging the grass line and keep moving.

My report since we were fishing the same water the same time.
Sunday morning fished the flats and grass edges.
Weather was what I would think would be perfect for topwater. Cloudy, low tide just after sunrise.
Tried a bone colored spook on top water with 2 blowups but no fish. Got impatient after 45 min or so and switch to plastics.
Bite was on as the tide fell but died at low. 6 reds and 2 flounder
Moved to another mud flat and the bite picked up again. 8 reds and 3 more flounder.
At one point we had a double on.
No trout, biggest flounder was 18", biggest red came in at 28".

Off the water by 11.

Buy a couple of cans of that ready mix gas for your weed eater.Put it away for a bad day.