Rat Report.....

Took the family early Sunday morning to Morris Island. As we are cruising at 30+ knots crossing the harbor, I pick up something in my peripheral vision. I am in shock, i don’t believe my eyes, my mouth drops to the floor…its a RAT, about 2 feet long walking up my starboard gunnel towards the bow, my pregnant wife, 2 year old , and dog are all unaware, Holy sht!!
My wife asks me whats wrong as my eyeballs widen to the size of golf balls , I am still speechless and don’t want her or dog to panic, she turns to see the rat walking forward, inches away from her and the dogs butt as now the rat has moved forward even with the console and leaning post. As she heaves herself and child under my arm it is clear there is no option but to give that rat a good ole fashion toe bash (soccer term for kicking the sh
t out of something with your toe) . I line my leg up as if i’m about to perform some karate kick and then i punt,all with one hand on the wheel and one hand on the throttle, The rat does a beautiful back stroke dive right into my wake as I take a huge deep breath of relief…WTF? just happened? I never once pulled the throttle back, for fear that nasty thing would bite my dog on the butt and start to scramble…Heeeeew, wee. Morris was a lot of fun and yes there are menhaden there.

Now are reel report…

Fished the wando today on the falling tide around structure, last few hours before low…
Fished this morning thinking I could get some time in before these storms showed up (wrong) Good news is the fish were hungry. Caught 5 trout all 16-21’ and 4 hefty reds all 28 and up. in less than an hour…All on live shrimp. Then mother nature showed up and she was angry, left em bitting as I had to in force mariners rule and take shelter on some randoms dock. Thanks for the shelter, it was much needed… Sat indian style and prayed as bolts of lightning jarred all around me, while it was raining sideways…Sat tight for about an hour and watched the radar closely, Saw the opening and ran home. Couple of

Great story. Thanks for the laugh!

Nice report too.

Semper Fi
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good job! thats some dang good fishing in an hour’s time!

liquor in the front, poker in the rear!

I’d pay decent money to have seen that! Congrats on two good days of fishing and one clutch punt…

“I’m not a hundred percent in love with your tone right now…”

Originally posted by Black Bart

I’d pay decent money to have seen that! Congrats on two good days of fishing and one clutch punt…

“I’m not a hundred percent in love with your tone right now…”


Well that’s one have not heard of before. My wife might have jumped overboard.

Nice read

Lol that’s definitely one of those “never will forget” memories.

I’ve seen small/medium sized rats get eaten by largemouth as they swam across the big farm pond I used to fish, but NEVER had one try to crawl up in the boat with me.

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funny stuff :slight_smile: And a great trout @ 21

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Shark bait?

Yea, i was suprised about catching that big of a trout with just live shrimp. That being said, due to the ugly storm fast approaching in the distance and a well full of live shrimp, each hook was generously appointed 2-3 live shrimp, or cocktail if you will. The trouts were hanging deep off the structure. The big reds were up tight on the structure.