decided to take a friend’s advice and do a ceviche out of whiting. not disappointed.

admin, please move to “boats and motors” or any other more obscure forum for the sake of covertness. last thing in the world i want is featured status.

i wish i can say i grew the limes, but it was almost free. i was out of avocados and opted not to add the peach that was recommended (not a huge fan of the salty vs sweet thing)… we like it real tangy, but it almost always gets a little sugar or orange juice before serving. family devoured it like a pack of piranhas and wants more now.

“as you were”

Is that a Wusthof?

it’s a Shun i got for my wife, gets ridden hard and put away wet around here but it does great work.

i’ve noted some of the wholesale butchery you’ve posted. impressive. trying to make it serve as encouragement for me to up my game.

anybody know of a good club with a cheap spot? i follow rules real good. it’s why i passed on a big 6pt in velvet one time on opening day and back at the clubhouse there was a guy with a 7 and everybody told me i should’ve shot the fuzzy 6. i wish they would’ve gone over that part of the rules, only chance i’ve ever had at one.

Looks delicious. How long do you marinade yours?

You can come hunt with me sometime.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

wang ignore that 23 post. it’s code. you won’t like it

I will come over there and knock the fry basket out of your hand!

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

I have said for many years that you can tell a lot about a feller by the shoes on his feat*, the tools in his box, and the knives in his drawer.

I have a Shun somewhere, awesome tool. I’ve been partial to the Jap Damascus folded steel knives in the past couple years.

It’s funny you mentioned the butchery stuff because just today I checked my hams and they have lost all the weight they need to. I double wrap them in brown paper so they don’t continue to lose moisture and they are ready to eat any time now. They are better aged until around Christmas, but you’d have to do a side by side comparison to tell much difference.

Ding, hams are done

I have heard if you squeeze the bejesus out of the Creo you can get some of the nasty oily taste out of them. No luck so far,

a once vaunted fishing site has turned into a dam fine Cooking and Home Making gathering place

With all the activity and fervor for this forum… I better hurry up and change my moniker title to Executive Chef before someone else gets to it first… RBF has dibs on it…


Fred, 3-4 hours with small chunks usually.

23, that’s a heck of an offer that I intend to take you up on at some point. maybe between now and then I can throw my scrawny shoulders into a work day at your place if you have one planned. i’ll be in touch, sir.

EF, that’s one crazy looking damascus blade, i bet it’s sharp!

a friend turned me onto mackerel crudo. bleed spanish (or the zeroes) as soon as they come in the boat. trim and then chill the fillet in the freezer a few mins, cut on a bias about as thin as you can get it, sprinkle very sparing EVOO, lime zest, lime juice, crunchy sea salt, consume. my 5 year old will stab you with a cocktail fork to get the last piece.


next time i’m in the high country, i’d like to buy you a beer and talk about stuff we know. might even be a few mutual friends. i’m a lowcountry kid turned marine biologist, but my favorite fish in the world is a native Brookie in spawning colors

who’s ready for some cool weather?

tight lines y’all

You’d be welcomed, consider this an Open Invite. I’m here over half the time anymore and bring a 3 weight set-up if you want to catch native brookies, they like skinny fast water