Raymarine C120 Mounting Bracket

Do any of you have a mounting bracket for a Raymarine C120 Display? I just bought a C120 on ebay, but I need a bracket until I can get my new console built. I can buy it, borrow, or rent it from you.

No I don’t have one but call Raymarine, they will hook you up. I have an A65 that was flush mounted in my boat. I couldn’t see the screen because of the angle. I wanted to mount it on top of the console. They sent me one for about $40

Cape Horn 24OS
twin 150 Optimax

I don’t want to be rich,
I just want 1 dollar more than I can spend!

Thanks Brian, but fortunately I found one yesterday.

Thanks to all the fine folks at Tidal Marine that took care of me this past week.

They let me borrow a C70 for the weekend (at no charge) and they gave me a new bracket for my new C120. (I made them take $20 for it) I’ve done business with them in the past, but still, that’s above and beyond for customer service.

Great people over there. If you ever have any problems with your electronics, or need an upgrade, I highly recommend them.