Ready for the fall season

Finally got repairs done to boat. Arrive at Bushy early and saw oil in the back of the boat and cleaned it up and dropped boat. Ran okay but I was still worried about where that oil came from. Ran a short distance and started fishing and the red bite was on (12" to 24.75" 8-Reds) all morning. Tide steadily coming in and wind pushing the boat in the opposite direction and then the flounder bite picked up (11" to 17.5" 4 flounders) and a tagged 17.75". Saw a slick behind boat and slowly pushed to the hill and called my Mechanic.

All n All good morning of fishing with DOA shrimp 3" gold rush/glow. Water still a bit cloudy in Bushy Park



Hope your oil problem isn’t much of an issue!!

Well at least you got to wear em out a little before the issues! That’s good to see!

Did you examine the trim cylinder area for trim fluid leaks? Hope it’s nothing too serious.

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Thanks for giving us other guys some hope.My spots are cleaned out or I’m picking the wrong days.Lol

Still got the mojo I see. Hope the oil issue is a minor one.

Well, I’ll be down for a while. Has a hair line crack in the power head. When the weather changes to fall is when I really get out with no traffic up and down the rivers. Warranty should cover this repair (Wishful Thinking for now)!

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That is really terrible to hear! Hope it doesn’t take the shop too long to repair. This time of year it shouldn’t be too bad I wouldn’t think.

I know you don’t fish weekends often, but next weekend I have a spot for you in the boat if you want to. I’ll be in touch

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Need more guys on the water as you. This time of year weekends are good most Party and Joy riders put up their boat when it cooldown. Thanks for the invite


Yessir, and the deer hunters are in the woods too.

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Amen to that!

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Eric, you are always welcome on my boat. I’ll hit you up.

Thanks Opitker, This give me some catchup time with getting a few jobs completed before next month. Don’t catch too many while I’m concentrating in other ventures. : (