Reason enough to change your fuel filters

I rode cross county too. Got cleaned out by some yahoo cutting the track. There was also a place behind the rest area I26 we used to ride. Most of the riding was at Francis Marion though.

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Taw caw I think it was… several miles of sandy trails… good times!

Nice Summary of bikes!! You have a good few more under your belt than me. My little nephew got a 4 stroke 400. Dry oil sump so it can still run inverted for tricks and stuff… Crazy fast. they have come a long way.

Last poker run for me was in Eutawville in 1993. Mostly 4 wheelers in it. We always road competitively in those and yes it did start getting dangerous with the granny drivers.

I had a lot of them, way too many to list. The worst was a Honda 350 , single cylinder 4 stroke with a two barrel carb. Fun to play ride but raced once in a 120 mile enduro and handed it back to the dealer still caked in mud. Made a CR350 2 stroke that was a lot of fun and put a CR500 2 stroke in a 250 al frame. The first 4 stroke 400 Yamaha new gen style was also a pos. Almost impossible to start when it was hot. Kept it for about 5 weeks and got rid of it. Rode a poker run in Eutawville too. Around the lake and was fun to ride easy trails sometimes instead of somewhat harder trails used in racing. Rode a little bit of flat track and owned the flat track in Neeses with four others.

Forgot to mention the track in Hendersonville… At the end it was just a bunch of outlaw style stuff with no track Maintenace. I’ve road a couple cr500’s that’s about more bike than I’m worth.

Wasn’t there a lil mototrack down in Yemassee 25 or 30 years ago as well?

Not sure on that one? The one near Hendersonville. was on Mewville Road. I knew several that got medevacked from that track. Used to be a bunch of Mom & Pop little tracks around. Bill Smart had one off 63 near the old road way trucking terminal between snyders and I95.

Yes there was a motocross at Yemassee . There was one in Goose Creek at one time. Chisholm Trails on Johns Island was there for a long time .There was even a track on the Charleston AFB at one time. The main reason I started enduro and cross country racing was there were more races plus you didnt sit around half the day just to ride a few laps.

Sure wish we had some enduro races and poker runs still rolling. I’d buy me another decent bike and gear, not to be competitive, but to at least ride at the back of the pact.

The sand pits behind the Burger King at N Rhett and Redbank?? I rode with some friends in those pits back in the day too. Was that where the track was at one time?

The track I was talking about was just off highway 52, on the left going towards Monks Corner. Late 70s maybe ? It was a bank president who started it and formed a club ownership type of deal. The track itself was was great. It was probably a mile or so in size with table top jumps etc. Problem was there was no water nearby and it would get so dusty neither the riders or spectators could see. He decided to put down used motor oil down… bad idea . The oil mixed with red clay and dirt destroyed your clothes and bikes plus it stunk and the spectators hated it too. Only stayed open a year or so total.

There are still a lot of enduros, hare scrambles and dual sport rides going on. Dual sport ( street legal dirt bikes basically) would be the closest thing to poker runs but you could also ride any of the other races. Most but not all enduros are pretty tough. If a poker run is a walk around the block, an enduro is a full blown iron man contest. If I were doing it I would look at either the Yamaha or Honda 250/450 electric start 4 stroke bikes.