Recent Move - Have Boat... Dive/Fish Buddies

I spent a good amount of time up at Camp Lejeune area in NC while in the Marine Corps, fishing, free-diving, etc… and then got out, and made it to rescue diver (en route to dive master - as a career) before coming to my senses, using my GI bill and going back to school as a computer programmer. I now find myself a few hundred miles south in a new town (Charleston), looking for some good folks to fish/dive (esp. spearfish), with… I have a 237 Cobia, which is for sale on the forums here, but currently have, and will have a boat as long as I am near the coast.

Anyone who is another experienced diver who’d like to make some trips this year… let me know.
Want to do some fishing, and know some spots… let me know.

If you have the better equipped dive boat, I’ll certainly pay gas/etc.