Recommendations for inshore/offshore charter services.

Hey guys and gals. Its been a while. I am looking to take my inlaws and family friends on a fishing charter out of Charleston. Im from the upper midlands area so I am not too familiar with Charleston charters. I have done two out of MB but this time would like to head out from Charleston. Inshore or offshore, it doesnt matter. Thanks

How many people are you talking about?

There’s quite a large price difference in inshore and offshore, like shockingly large if you don’t keep up with it that much. Offshore Charleston in May can’t be beat, lots of action. Inshore most of the year is pretty great. Offshore charters you’re usually talking about 6 people and inshore is about 4 max. More than 4 inshore and I think you’d want to get two boats. Its just more fun that way.

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