Recommendations for spots to try

New to kayak fishing. Any recommendations on spots to try? Not looking for your secret spot, but I don’t want to spend the entire season trying to find some good locations either. Any help out there?

The Copahee Sound is a fun place to fish from a kayak. It’s very shallow and lots of fish like to school around the oyster beds there. Put-in for the Copahee is up Hwy.17, look for a sign for the ramp on the right side of Hwy.17 at the Seven Mile community.

Try R-8 But you better leave early!

Thanks for the tips. Hope to try Copahee Sound soon. What or where is R-8?

Somebody is yankin’ your cork under. I am not sure exactly how far out R8 is, but I am not sure you can make it out and back in a day, even with the tide going your way both ways!

“Fishing and catching are two different things. Fishing is what I love; catching is a bonus.”–Papa, 1979

Thanks. I’m not looking for deep water to fish from my kayak. Copahee should be manageable on a rising tide. I’ll be checking it out.

slimh2o, try launching at the Folly Marina and fishing the pilings and piers that line that side of the river. You are not far from wadable redfish flats at high tide. That whole area of Stono Inlet and Folly River has very good fishing and it is not a long paddle!