Recommendations on TM mounting

I recently acquired a Scout 175. Anybody have on with trolling motor mounted that can offer advice ?

Welcome back MrBob!

Can you elaborate?

Bow mount?

Transom mount?

You’ll get 100 answers on this. Start with your restrictions first. What’s your budget, estimated operating weight of your boat (dry weight plus gear/fishing buddies/fuel), and the average type of currents you’ll be dealing with (are you fishing in salt rivers or in the lakes?)

Only need to see if someone with a scout 175 has different way of bow mounting than I am planning.

Does the bow on the 175 resmble the 192
by chance? Can get you some pics of an install on a 192 later this afternoon if it’ll help. Bout all I got for something that specific. Oh yea, like Mixed said, welcome back!

They aren’t the same, the 175 has a narrow point and a narrow gunnel. Anchor locker is a factor as the handrail and light. Builders need to start shifting the light off center, saw a couple like that when shopping.
Thanks for the offer, I got it licked. Added an aluminum base plate on the deck to give support for front of mount and bolted to that