Red Drum catch limit change July 1

Copy/pasted from Post and Courier.

The South Carolina General Assembly passed a law reducing the daily catch limit for red drum from three fish to two per day and imposed a daily limit of six red drum per boat. The slot limit remains in effect with anglers only able to keep red drum that measure at least 15 inches but no longer than 23 inches.
The legislation, which becomes effective July 1, was signed by Gov. Henry McMaster on Tuesday.

No big deal… “salt water carp” lets only keep only pinfish… but only one per boat and 6"-8" inches only!!! lol

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Thanks for posting, I was not aware of the change.

I don’t think two slot fish will feed a family of four unless they are right at the upper limit.
I don’t keep fish often but if I do, I hope I would be able to catch enough for the whole family. Don’t think they freeze all that well either. I wonder what data they used to determine the change. I haven’t seen a decline in fishing outside the immediate Charleston area. No commercial pressure, not sure this makes since

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Good thing i saw this post or i would be unaware. Odd change especially since i havent seen much data.
If we go by my catch records than i would assume redfish are endangered or extinct bc i cant even catch an oyster bed… haha

It’s bullcrap. I think goldfitch put this one try. I hope he loses his seat next election. I know I’m not voting for him.

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I’ve caught more redfish in the last five years than the 10 before that. I think it is because I learned a little more about catching them rather than their increasing abundance. I am not sure what to make of the change, but only one trip we had last year would have come back with less fish due to the boat limit.

17 inch fish is the perfect eating size for me. 2 fillets per fish just right to blacken, each feeding one person. Two top of slot fish filleted, breaded, and fried is good for 7 or 8 people. We’ve salt baked whole two top of slot fish for 10 people before.

This youtube link shows my current favorite way to fillet, and you get all the meat: