Red Snapper?

What’s the verdict on keeping them now? Headed offshore soon, and was wondering?

2 a day

20 inch minimum

Pretty sure thats it unless its changed in the past few weeks

Per boat or Angler?

Looking forward to giving your #s a go!!

2 per angler

Watch your sounder

ARS are usually, in my experience, a few cranks off the bottom.

If the sea bass are hitting everything you drop, just dont hit solid bottom with your bait. Wind up a few cranks, then push the line to one side of your reel with your thumb as you continue winding up. Then on the drop watch the reel and when the line stays on the side of the reel that you pushed it to you know you are close without actually dropping into the black sea bass range.

Catch em up.

And hold your mouth right!

Only within 3 miles!

Where does the burden of proof of origin lie?

That’s why I was asking.

Also, where do I find the “3 Grouper aggregate daily bag limit”? SCDNR booklet says page 47. What am I missing?

If I’m fishing out side of a dedicated SMZ, which falls under federal regulation, are Red Snappers still illegal to possess?

the burden of proof lies in not being past 3 miles with ARS in yo possession, no ifs ands or buts

grouper aggregate is also in pic above, from p50 of the new regs book

I’m imagining a cartoon version of Ricky in a Sailfish doing the cannonball run back in to state water with tails sticking out the coffin box, would be a great avatar


I’m looking at page 50. Is the 3 Grouper/day bag limit/angler, or boat?

It sounds like a better tomorrrow…

The laws are created to be confusing and to “catch” recreational guys like us just trying to get some fish for the freezer. It should be clear.

The government creates this confusion on purpose so that it can fine/tax citizens as they wish. Yeah, I said it. Prove me wrong.


Mixed, if you catch any keepers in the 3 mile range, don’t go out any further with them. Maybe a little Catch and fillet? ~ cook em before you return? I just don’t get the ARS limits and season. Just like I don’t get the creel and size limits on BSB. Totally unfair to the recreational people looking to get some meat on the table. I’d love to know the true mortality rate of ARS’s that are released. Sure you vent them and be gentle with them, but on the ones that make it off your hook how many make it back to the bottom and not pray to sharks and Cuda’s?

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