Redfish/ Bonefish lines

What’s everyone’s favorite line to throw at redfish? And what’s everyone’s favorite line to throw at bonefish? Or your favorite line that can be used for both? I’ve always liked the rio redfish and bonefish taper lines. I’ve had both of them and they perform great but the line seems to have drag when it’s coming out of the guides because of the pvc coating. I use the scientific anglers sharkskin saltwater taper right now and I love it but it is hard to throw in windy conditions. So what’s everyone throw? Id really like any input on the airflo lines. Btw I mainly use an 8 weight for reds and bones.

recently got the rio redfish for my 6. the redfish is the exact same as the bonefish quickshooter i think looking at the diagrams. practicing at home the the line moves through the guides fine, but like you, when i was on teh water last weekend, shooting line was much harder. not sure if it was the temp of the water or just that its stickier when wet.

I have both of those lines and I like them but they seem like they have a lot of drag when trying to shoot the line actually in a flat

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