Redfish Love The Z-Man Kicker Crab

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the forum. Work has had me pretty tied up seven days a week for the past several months. But I finally got a chance to go out a little over a week ago.

The fish were super hungry and cooperative on this particular trip! I caught a ton of redfish on the outgoing tide in a couple different creeks on bends and oyster mounds. The lure of choice was the Z-Man kicker crabz (redbone color), matched with a 1/8 oz Eye Strike Texas Eye jig head. When the bite slowed for a little bit, I switched to a smaller profile and use the Salty Ned Shrimpz with a finesse eye jig head. The fish were all over it as soon as it hit the water.

I basically let the bait fall to the bottom, and had it rigged weedless, so that it would not catch on any oysters. A steady, slow retrieve was the key. The redfish simply could not resist either bait.

Here is a link to the video if you’d like to see how the day went. I can’t wait to get back out there again soon! Tight lines



I really enjoyed that video, loads of good tips and tricks in that one.

Good stuff.

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Gotta’ love it when you catch 'em stacked up like that!

Thanks for another fine report, and the outstanding video.

My guess on your mystery fish would be a Pinfish?


Thanks man. It was just one of those days where everything came together.


Thanks Mixed. I think it was either a juvenile ARS or Lane snapper but wasn’t able to verify it for sure. Great seeing them in the creeks though!

I think its a juvenile lane snapper.

Maybe @barbawang will clear it up for us.


Yeah, after a little more pondering, the mouth makes me lean towards a, juvie, Lane Snapper, as well.

I was mostly going by the yellow fins, originally.

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Great work! This is a tough month to fish salt. You really killled them!

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Yes, it does look more like a lane than a red, much more defined black spot and more body and fin coloration too

I’m gonna pass it along to the reef fish experts tomorrow and see what they have to say


Kudos to the CF community for reaching the same conclusion as the experts, and for the same reasons!

“Lane Snapper, yellow fins give it away.

Four indicators for Red snapper:

  • The spot would be a bit farther back on a Red.
  • Red would have mostly vertical bars.
  • Anal fin is also pointed on Reds
    -Less yellow more pink/red”

Nice catchin! Just so people don’t get confused. He’s fishing the Texas Eye Finesse, not to be confused with our Finesse EyeZ which is a completely different product.

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Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too.

This cold front we have going on right now is really going to slow things down for a week.

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Awesome! This is all great info, much appreciated. I love that these juvies are inshore for us to see every once in a while.

Yes, that is correct. Thanks, Dave! I will be sure to be more specific next time and even show the setup.

Nice video and good information. Looks like a very good day for fishing. Appears the reds were on fire

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