Reds and Trout -11/11/23

I got lucky with several schools of reds on a shallow flat. They were pushing tiny shrimp down the edge of the bank. I noticed this last year too. Shrimp are smaller this time of year so I’ve added a 1000 size spinning reel with a med-lite 7’ rod. 10/2 braid. 20lb SeaGear leader. This made a huge difference! Casts further with a 1/16 VooDoo and lands like a feather. Caught 7 studs.

31 Trout mostly 13” but managed a few keepers on a PB


Great day and result! Appreciate the report.

Now that’s what you call choking down a lure! Gotta love a day like that :muscle:

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Very nice!

Not even hooked! Just wedged in the jaw!!!

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That trout was hangry! Nice work!