Reds and Trout - Youngen Style

When I tell my wife and kids i live my life based off the wind, the tide, and the moon phase…that’s just what i mean! Told the Red Assassin that the water would be calm and the water height in the a.m. would be perfect to do some sight fishing. We headed out to the upper Wando and got onto the flat and started getting on fish immediately. We found close to 30 tailers this trip and located a new honey hole! She hooked several 27-30 inchers but didn’t get a good enough hook set so they peeled drag for 5-7 seconds and came unhooked. Left in search of some trout and found a current rip that the dinks and lady fish were stacked in a feeding on shrimp like a hungry school of jacks for 45 minutes. Man was that a blast!

Youngen Style!!!


I love your reports! that’s absolutely awesome and makes me want to call in sick to work tomorrow!!!

Y’all got it going on…

Man that is awesome. Great report!

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Congrats! It’s even more special when it includes youngsters spending time outdoors.

Awesome report! That’s a pretty sweet Gheenoe ya got there

Like a boss… Good stuff y’all! Thanks for making me jealous :smile:

Two tones is in the house finally.Yesterday was the most fun ive had sight fishing and trout fishing in while

Super special trip and pix. That looks so relaxing, especially compared to offshore rocking and rolling, time for a charter looks like.

Thanks for the report. I’ll be on the Wando this Thursday!

It is until you have nats flying around you