Reds and Trout

Hey guys, I have a friend coming into town this weekend and I don’t want to disappoint. We are targeting reds and trout from his jon boat and I was wondering if we would have success fishing creek docks for reds with mudminnows on a jig head? This worked for me in October from my kayak and I wasn’t sure if reds will be around these same docks in this cold water. Also, for trout do we look for the deeper bends in the creeks and use the current to drift artificials? Thanks

Not sure if you saw Raddaddy’s post yesterday but he cleaned them up with 25+ fish in just a couple hours. That is strong. Also, check out Optiker’s posts. He has some great advice too. I think both of them fish artificial lures. I am not sure of MMs, as I fish lures right now too. Anyone using MMs right now?
Raddaddy’s post:

I have had good results with MM catching reds and trouts while chasing flounders. The trouts are normally small but the Reds are better.

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vanderps that combo is a killer for dock reds. Secret is to pitch under the pilings. If reds are there they will pounce on it like a hobo on a ham sammich. If no takes in 5 at the most 10 minutes move on to the next dock. In general, the older the dock the better your chances.

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Mudminnows are working well…

Thanks y’all, I will focus of the reds under the docks. For artificials does any shrimp imitation work still with the water being this cold? I appreciate the help!