Reds on the flats 1/8

I went to folly today to see if I could find a floater or something biting. I didn’t see 1 fish floating and I covered about 10 miles of water from low incoming to dead high tide. I did see some fish on the flats that were to far to see what kind and spooked a red that was right in the same spot I always see them. I sheepshead fished the most reliable spot i know for about an hour and got skunked there for the first time ever. The water felt much colder than the back creek I checked yesterday. I found some ice in a small creek and I can only assume that if the ice didn’t float out then there should be a floater if there were a lot of them but I never saw any. When the tide was up I looked in the marshes and saw no floaters there either.

Ice on the edge

The creek that had ice in it

Where I saw the red

The flats water was clear green, the river was rough and dirty brown water.
Flats water

Running the P out of the 9.9, I think she likes winter weather because this was the fastest I ever got her going. Usual max speed is like 18 and I hit 22 heading in a dead high tide when the waves calmed down. I hit a wave at wot and caught air, a first for me with the 10ftr with a 9.9.

Engines love the cold air intake! Me, not so much. Thanks for the heads up.

Pea will be here shortly to notarize.

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Talked to a buddy at Edisto today that said the trout were all over the banks at some places!