Decided to hit the waters after work and the tide was just peeking at hi and hit a few creeks from the landing at Bushy because the wind was blowing but the breeze felt great. First creek set up and within a few minutes both lines got a hit and while getting in the cat the second line started singing and the fight was on 35" spottail. set up again and must had thrown that shrimp directly into this 30" spottail mouth because before i could close the bale line was peeling out like crazy. Pulled up and tried another creek and get several nice cats and a couple keeper spottails and the strippers started popping but no luck, didn’t have a bucktail. Nice evening with 3 Reds and six nice Cats.

Too Fish or not Too Fish
That be the question!

18’ CC SeaFox

Dang 35" red is a nice fish Congrats! I haven’t caught above 20.5" but my time will come. Great job fatrat!