Reef, creeks, and teeth...oh my - YS

Well when the weather man calls for flat winds you believe him right…no Dramamine this go round and struggled managing to bait hooks for my oldest youngen and then the chumming session began. No big sea bass to talk about this trip which is probably why nobody was out there at the reef so we headed back to the upper rivers searching for clear water, which didn’t exist, searching for trout and reds. Zero trout found but did located a handful of upper slot reds in the grass still but they were extra picky on bait color. Headed back down to our shark teeth spot and that was icing on the cake. 157 teeth in 90 minutes!!!

Youngen style

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The wife and i love calling out clouds… You have an alligator with a mouth of a clowns foot. Or something like that.

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Wow, that is a heck of a total (shark’s teeth), especially in 90 minutes. My oldest loves to “treasure” hunt. He spent a lot of time on that little beach on James Island by Ft. Sumter when he was in college. Found some interesting things.

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Hey Alfredo… What do you call out of these clouds…



That reminds me of all the teeth I used to get Off Edisto Beach when I was in elementary school. Mom’s got mason jars somewhere of em. After all the beach renourishment projects, you just don’t find them any more. Used to find some beautiful shells there as well. I had a postcard that had all the different shark species teeth for identification.

Dang, EF! I think you broke him.

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Way to do it Split! I hear the triggers are eating…

That’s pretty dam cool to find all those teeth too… I should get out of the boat more often lol

Keep up the good work, thanks for sharing:+1:

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…well, some fishing too!

I’m charging $3 an hour or 1 wendys cheese fry.As long as i get the first picture of whatever fish i catch you can take a picture of the rest no matter who caught it.Oh also don’t be late cause the later you are the less fish we catch.

Haha, what a great username! Welcome to the forums, @Spiltailsbasickid

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Thank you i appreciate it finally figured out to make an account and comment on my dads post lol