Reel Maintenance

I was just given an older Penn 6/0 reel. Was just wondering where the most reasonable place to take it and have it professionally serviced before I take it through the paces.

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Haddrels in Mt. P does all of mine and always do an excellent job.

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I’m a little shy about breaking down stuff with lots of tiny parts. Usually something falls out and you have a hard time figuring out where it went, or which way it goes in correctly. I’ve been a mechanic all my life, torn down all my own guns, and done the vast majority of my own car maintenance; so I am speaking from experience. Sometimes it’s better to let someone who does it for a living handle things. That’s just me though.

Key West 196;150 Yammie

Life Is Good…Gotta Love It!!!

all you need to know…

Something that works well for me is to take a close up with a digital camera once I take the side cover off but BEFORE I take out any internal parts. You can take shots along the way to help you when it comes time to reassemble. I had a cheap Daiwa that I thought was dead. I took it apart, cleaned and oiled it and put it back together. Good as new. Give it a shot with a less expensive reel.

That 6/0 is one of the easiest reels to work on.
If you’ve got experience breaking down and reassembling engines, you’ll have no problem with the 6/0.
It’s actually kinda therapeutic if you ask me.

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Penn Senators are super easy. Biggest pain is removing/installing all those sideplate screws and getting the clutch spring/dogs to stay in place while installing the bridge. Go ahead and install a new HT100 drag set while you have it apart.

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