Reel Maintenance

Growing up fishing freshwater, this wasn’t a concern I had really. Now that I’m slowly acquiring some nicer gear, and doing almost all my fishing in saltwater, I was wondering if any of you could give me some tips on good reel maintenance. I rinse my gear every time I get off the water, but thought there might be more I can do to keep my reels spinning freely. Take the spools/handle off periodically and apply some type of oil/lubricant? Thanks

All I’ve ever done is rinse them real good with fresh water and I’ve never had any problems. Occasionally take the handles off and add oil/wd40 if they start getting tight. Being doing this for 20 years and never had any damage to my reels. I heard of people who go through these elaborate procedures to clean reels but it wouldnt make much difference from my experience.

Check out Maintenance and repair tutorials for just about every reel made.

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I’m with inshoreangler.
I rinse them with salt-away and put them up on the rack to air dry. Quality equipment lasts a long time. I carry WD-40 on the boat in case the salt makes anything sticky. Most of my reels will be replaced with newer/cooler gear before they need to be opened up.

The big trolling combos get a rebuild every few years, but its easier to just get the pros to do it during the off season.

One thing I learned is to tighten the drag down before rinsing to prevent salt from being sprayed inside and then loosen the drag to let it air out more effeciently. Occasional WD-40 always helps too.

People way over think this. Spray with fresh water not an intense spray…wait 5 minutes if you have braid (lets the salt leech out)…spray again. Loosen the drag and turn the reel upside down to shake the water out and store it with drag loose. I still have reels from highschool and I am HARD on equipment, but been buying shimano exclusively for the last 8 years not sure if that makes a difference (I think it does). I have replaced parts when they mess up but it is very rare. Not sure how the cheaper shimanos are now a days but I still have a Sonora I let friends use and that sucker is not taken care of…a cheap penn would have seized up by now.

No doubt, prob. just hype so these companies can market/sell more products. Like I said Ive fished for 20+ years and never used any of these cleaning products and never have had a problem with my reels. Fresh water is all you need unless you are dunking them in salt water or something. But to each his own.

Thanks for the tips everyone. Keep doing what I’m doing is what I like to hear.

I fish in the surf and on a kayak quite a bit. I agree with everyone here but starting off with a quality reel with all metal parts is key. I gently rinse everything and then touch up with WD-40 after they sit for a minute. Never had any issues.

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Some times it just gets boring in the winter.

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Doesn’t look too complicated… :slight_smile:

It isn’t, unless of course it is your first time.

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