Reel Maintence

I fish about 8-10 days a month. after every 2 trips i completely tear down my reels, clean the bearings/gears and then add fresh oil/grease to them. is this too excessive? if so could this damage them in any way? How often do y’all do a complete breakdown and cleaning?

I grease/oil them maybe once a year. Honeslty I think washing them thoroughly is the main factor.

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If they are Penn Battles you may wanna increase to every time you even look at them or at least every time they come within 15 miles of salt water. LOL

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You won’t hurt your reels cleaning them after every 2 trips. You may strip the head on some screws, but that’s about all that I can think of.

I do a complete tear down twice a year unless one of my reels accidentally takes a dunk or if there is something mechanically wrong.

Of course I rinse them after each use, but I don’t spray them with full pressure water.

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If your screws are going into plastic, you could strip them out sooner tearing them down that often. Once a year with a good lube should be sufficient, with a good wash after each trip.

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Can you guys recommend some videos or instructions on how to break down spinning reels? What kind of grease do you use? I have a Daiwa BG 3000 that I love but it’s making a new sound I want to figure out before it turns into something serious. has a photo tutorial as well as recommend oils and grease. Otherwise, youtube will have plenty

Check out A reel repair board. They have forums and tutorials for just about any reel out there.

Pioneer 222 Sportfish
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Where can one get a star but small enough to take screws out of the Ci4?

I got an orange and grey kit with an orange and clear plastic box from Home Depot that had a bunch of various small bits and a smallish bit driver. It was cheap but had everything I needed to break down most any reel.