Releaseover20 fundraiser

Fellow fishermen and fisherwomen, David Fladd, Adam and my wife and I would like to invite you to a fun, family event on Saturday February 5th at Woodlands Nature Reserve to help raise funds for Releaseover20.

David has been tirelessly working on his own dime to build this brand and to bring awareness to anglers all up and down the eastern coast as to the importance of releasing these big girls back into the estuaries.

Hell, I was carving them up a year and a half ago until Adam introduced me to Releaseover20. The sheer numbers of eggs released by these big trout are astronomical compared to say a 15 inch female.
A 20” trout can put 20 million eggs back in our fisheries annually where as a 15” trout lays around 9 million according to studies. And it’s not just about trout! More on that later…

We are by no means advocating releasing all fish. My wife and I ate fresh trout last night.

I became very passionate about RO20 when I saw the numbers and learned that, genetically, these big girls are survivors and will pass that gene off to their offspring.
So, I wanted to do something to help. I really didn’t know David. I’d met him at his shop once and we talked/texted occasionally but I wanted to find a way where I could help his cause. I’ve got a five acre place on a peaceful bend on Steed creek in Awendaw and talked to my wife about doing a small fundraiser there - invite 50 couples for an afternoon catered lunch or something. Well, my wife definitely got behind it. She loves fishing as much as I do and she is very much behind the cause.
She is also the President and Publisher of the Post and Courier and guess what? They are an events coordinator for a lot of stuff - most recently Steeplechase of Charleston. So, they are promoting “ Cast it Forward” A fundraiser for Releaseover20.

David and I met a few times early on to talk about it and he wanted to try to take RO20 into the non profit sector and get out from under the umbrella of Eyestrike. Enter Adam (Awendaw Angler on these forums).

Sounds like something you need to get Optiker involved in as well. He’s one of the best advocates for fishing sustainability on this sight. IMO. I’ve heard some forecasts for a cold January/February. Let’s hope not. Those big “momma’s” will have to work overtime if we have some bad freezes.

Has anyone brought up more Cormorant Eradication lately to help out?

He’s involved. Optiker is David Fladd

Thanks Fred, actually that’s me David Fladd aka Optiker (my cover is now blown!). But thanks, really. I’m proud to be the founder of Release Over 20. It’s something I’ve been doing personally for I don’t even know how long honestly, maybe 12 years? If y’all have been around this sight for a while you’ve probably heard me mentioning it. I don’t claim to be the first one to advocate releasing big fish, in fact, if I recall I think Hoppy was an early influence on me to start doing it. All I did was give it a name and set up a bunch of rewards for people who release their fish, and also help to educated anglers on the science behind the “why”. And to my surprise, it has taken off from Texas to New York. In fact, our most participation is not even in SC. It’s VA, followed by TX, then NC and FL. Basically all we’re trying to do is try to change angler mindsets to set their own personal upper slot (suggesting 20" but actual number is up to you) for different species and follow it as if it were the law. And, to keep only what you’ll eat fresh and not a “legal limit”. Use restraint, and let’s get the quantity and quality of our fisheries better than they have ever been for our kids and grandkids.

I’m really proud and thankful to have Kerry and Adam on board to help grow and guide this new non-profit. This event, being planned by the Post and Courier, will be a first-class experience and I still cant believe we have their backing. I’m very grateful.

If you would like to learn more about it, check out In a few weeks we will have a new dedicated website with a lot more info.

Hope to see you at the Cast It Forward event!

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Is Julian still above ground? Either his number has changed or he is ghosting me.

Well said guys. One thing to pass along is the multiple Ultimate Angler Tackle Boxes we’re giving away (that also include 2 tickets to our Feb 5 event), link to enter below.

Thankful to all on this site/these forums as it’s clearly played a role/had an influence in all of this coming together.
The Post and Courier and Tideline have teamed up with Release Over 20 to giveaway the Ultimate Angler Tackle Box, which includes over $500 worth of products.

Each of the YouTubers & Instagram people mentioned in the original post of this chain will be giving away one of these to a follower as well.

If you want to talk fishin Well I guess that'll be okay

Entered! Maybe I can get my son and I a couple of free tickets!

One thing I think could be important in this awareness of the importance of the Big Girls surviving is getting this info out to all the new Anglers on our waters from other areas. When I was growing up Dad was stationed at Tyndale AFB, and a 20" trout was no big deal. His personal best Trout was 12lb 34" and 6-8lbs fish were very common. (early 70’s). My personal best Trout in S.C. was 26" and maybe 4lbs? When I was fishing heavy in the Beaufort area, I seldom caught trout over 18-20".

It’s fabulous we have people like you guys getting good info out there for all of us. Sad this sight has deteriorated like it has. An event like this a couple years ago would have already been several pages long. I still think of Optiker every time I flounder fish, eat flounder, or hear of others catching flounder. Never knew the Males only made it to 10" and pretty much everything over that is a female. That was eye opening for me. This sight has been a wealth of knowledge over the years. Again, sad to see it peter out, and find it so hard to navigate and use.


We’d certainly love to attend, but also wanted to offer help if its needed. Now or the days around the event. Just let me know. Looking forward to it!!

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Thanks Ricky, you’re the man. Not a ton to do right now, but we are soliciting items for live and silent auction, if you have any ideas we’d be all ears.
Thanks again, -Dave

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