Tips, tricks you’ve learned for a newbie. I’ve had a Hornady LNL for sometime but never the time to set it up. I will eventually do several pistol rounds and 4 rifle rounds, but I’m starting out with 223 and 45acp. Probably the acp first.
Powder types, best resource to find load for powder type and bullet (cross reference), pitfalls, anything else useful or comical.

If you ever want to reload shotgun shells,let me know.


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I’ve been reloading for several years but far from an expert. Fortunately I had somebody with over 40 years experience help me.Powder manufacturers have load data online. But I recommend getting a couple books. I mostly use hodgdon powders. Handgun loads I use titegroup or cfe.
I also use bullseye for 45&38 Shoots a Little dirty but meters well and shoots good.

You probably already know a few things you will need are a good digital scale. I don’t like triple beam takes too long. And a good set of calipers also like digital.
Reloading 223
I like h335.
You’ll need a case trimer, case gauge and a swedge. Bottleneck cases are a little bit of a pain. but you can save a lot of money & Customize your loads to your liking.
Watch some YouTube videos but take them with a grain of salt. And NEVER use load data unless it’s from a manufacturer/load Dada book. Always start your loads at the low end at first. And then work your way up to hotter loads if you want.
Powder valley has good deals on powder and primers. But the hazmat fee kills that. But a couple times a year they defer the hazmat fee. Get on their email list.
I buy most of my bullets from Rocky mountain reloading great company. Or Everglades amo they have good specials once in awhile. your mail carrier will HATE you! Oh yeah and I always use full metal jacket or plated. not so much on the plated. Unless it’s a hot deal.

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Never done it, but have been around it. What I’ve noticed is some will always want to push the envelope. Don’t do it! nothing but bad things happen. A split barrel was the worst I’ve seen. Wonder someone didn’t die. On 223 just remember it can always be shot in a rifle chambered for 5.56 but never the other way around.

Good luck! What OFC said… get a good digital scale and also don’t go cheap on the digital calipers… They’ll be with you for a life time. Learn to read em!

I have a lot of reloading gear I will be selling soon. Most likely in a lot. Primers, powder, brass, projectiles, Hornady lnl, dies, scales, etc etc.

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PM me or email the details. I don’t think I’d be interested in the equipment, but maybe you’d break supplies out as a lot? Any particular reason you’re getting out of it?

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Thank you, I think the only equipment I missed is a bullet puller, but amazon will rectify that one. I doubt there will be any deals on supplies for a while. Almost all the powder is gone, and finding none varmint weighted 223 is like a needle in the hay stack. I happened to find a box of Berger 77gr someone had slid behind several boxes of 6.5 projectiles. I’ll have to check the websites you mentioned. Thanks again!

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At least for now and foreseeable I’m only planning of making rounds with about 5-10% less powder than max. I have no interest in getting tricky with something like this. Besides, I don’t have the line of sight to need more than about 4-500 yards to hit the zombies lol.

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RMR still has limited supply in stock. All they have left in 45 is plated 250 grain.

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Thanks OTC!

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My advise is to follow the chart measurements exactly. It’s no fun to drive a round out of a barrel that didn’t make it thru.

I was next to a guy that had a squib round. Blew up a Rossi 38. I heard the round. Tried to stop him. It pushed both rounds out. Bulged the barrel pretty bad. And completely broke the frame from the barrel. Fortunately for him he did not get hurt bad. had several cuts on his hand. He was using Federal ammunition.
$#!t happens.

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Weather kept me home today.So i had 11-hour loading session. I looked to see what kind of reloading supplies were available. Not a.


I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

wouldn’t let me start another topic.
Staying out of stores. Unless I absolutely have to go.even gun stores. I have not bought a gun in over 3 months.I was jonesing pretty hard. I found this on Armslist and got a case of the couldn’t help it.

45 Long Colt or 410
The back of the triggers a little rough on your middle finger.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

Don’t mean to keep jacking your topic. Let me start new one.
My neighbor called me down to his house this afternoon. Told me he found something in his drawer that he forgotten about. Said his uncle had bought this at the hardware store when he was a kid in Hartsville on sale for $15.

It looks like it’s got a date of 1972.I guess this is what I would call a Saturday night special.

He said he bought the shells somewhere around 1980.
He told me to give him twenty bucks or cut his grass and I can have it. What the hell I did both. It took about 20 minutes to cut his yard.
I remember 22 shells a penny apiece.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

This was on Armslist this morning. Sounds like it may be a good thing he’s selling it.
458 socom only been shot once comes with extra bullets you can shoot but i ordered 150 rounds and I was sent only the tips but those will come with it too it does have a laser but needs a battery ive also had it bore sighted as well gun comes with case im just selling because I have nowhere to shoot it in the area I live in

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

I’ve been loading for 32years. I rarely ever buy factory ammo and prefer to tailor the round to the gun.

Brass prep is key. Make sure you trim, chamfer and deburr the case mouth. I tend to full length resize. Get a length gauge like a Hornady that will allow you to find the seating depth of the chamber, some guns shoot better with minimal jump, others like a little more. Berger bullets tend to like a bit of jump more so than an NBT or one of the ELD types.

I normally clean all the brass in either a media vibratory tumbler or in a rotary steel pin tumbler, depending on time and how much I have to clean. I prep all brass first going through each stage. I’ve had an RCBS trim pro II for years but recently added a 3 way cutter head which changed my life. It does the trim, chamfer and deburr in one step. Then I prime all the brass at once storing what I’m not loading in a sealed and labeled can. If I’m loading 50 or 100, I then drop powder. For rifle I use an RCBS Chargemaster and check every 10 load charges on a second scale. I drop them all then seat and finish.

I do not load HP rifle on a progressive press. I go stage by stage, powder measures do not meter stick powders as accurately as I require and can vary a charge by a grain or two. Running shotgun or pistol isn’t too bad on a progressive but you still have to guard against over-charging one. Go slow and take your time until you have a repetitious cycle/routine that you can do in your sleep. Don’t walk away in the middle of a stage like charging, too easy to forget where you were.

Get a gauge like the Concentricity Gauge from Hornady to measure run out. The less you have the more accurate a round is, this is key in accurate ammo for a bolt gun where you have a bullet seated way out to take advantage of maximum overall length.

If a round doesn’t chamber easily, you have an issue with headspace, brass length or sizing. Don’t force it. Work from a mid charge up to maximum, watch for flattened pri

That’s cool. I grew up in Hartsville. Dad bought me a Remington 1100 from Roses for about $160. Ask your neighbor which hardware store. That looks like an Army/Navy store gun.

Yep army Navy store.
You still have the Remington?

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