Remelys Parking?

Planning on a 4 day trip and was leaving truck and trailer at Remelys, is that permitted? How safe is my truck and trailer? Nothing super nice just didn’t want to come back to a towed truck or missing trailer.


Can’t say i’d leave anything anywhere for 4 days/nights and expect it to be there when i returned in todays world!!!:imp::frowning_face:

I don’t think it’ll get towed and I don’t hear a lot of bad things happening to trailers and trucks there. But like gail wins said…don’t know if I’d want to leave it for 4 days.

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It’s public. If you pay taxes, you helped pay for it. While I wouldn’t personally leave it there for that long, I wouldn’t think you’ll have any problems. I’d park it in a far off space at the end of I were trying that.

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You might get towed. Per Charleston County Code of Ordinances Section 14.5-4, Ordinance #1226, 8-13-02,It shall be unlawful to: Abandon or park any vehicles or trailers on the premises of any boat landing for a period of more than 72 consecutive hours.

I have no idea if they actually enforce that rule though. I’ve never parks at a landing for more than 10 hours.

When is your trip here? Might have a place for you to park it in Hanahan for a few day… pm me

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I would not chance leaving it there. All kinds of people come to those ramps and if someone notices it sitting for a day or so, more than likely it will get broken into. We made the mistake of laving one at Wappoo Cut overnight and came back the next day to a broken driver side window. We did not leave anything of value in the truck, but they wrecked the inside looking.

MP is a good area, and the area around Remley’s continues to improve, but it’s not without it’s issues. I have a buddy that left his truck there overnight and came back the next day to find someone had removed his catalytic converters… My thoughts are that people probably scout ramps for vehicles left overnight. They see it on Night #1 - if they come back on Night #2 and it’s still there, you may have an issue.

Just leave the keys in the gas tank and I’ll come move it every day…

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

For serious, if you use Limehouse, you can park your car\trailer at my place for a few days. I’m ten minutes from there off 17.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

Any suggestions on where I can launch and park then?

When we do stuff like this we usually get someone to drop us off at the landing and take the truck/trailer back to the house…bad part is they have to come get you when you return.

If you have to leave at the landing, back the trailer into the spot to help prevent theft…I’ve even left glove box and consoles open so thieves can see there’s nothing in the truck, lol.

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For overnight I’d use Shem Creek and park next to the bank in the overflow spots. It’s well lit and next to Coleman.

Either that or take your trailer home and uber back to the ramp.