Remember the Alamo

I had the honor of visiting the Alamo today where 189 brave men gave their lives in defense of freedom. Today is also the anniversary of D-Day where thousands of patriots died defending liberty. Because of these men’s sacrifices and many others, we are free to peacefully defend our God-given freedom from the comfort of our homes. A little bit of that freedom could be lost next Friday when the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council votes on Amendment 30’s Vessel Monitoring System law. Please consider sending one last message politely asking the SAFMC members to vote against VMS.

Has anyone sent the council one last email opposing VMS? Please let others know if you have and encourage them to do the same.

I have not sent another, but will. Thank you for reminding and prompting us.

Sea Hunt BX22 Br
WS Tarpon 140

I send one every day from an assortment of Email addresses.

Good job guys! Thank you for doing your part to defend our freedom.