Remington 870 10 Millionth Commemorative Edition Value?

I’ve looked everywhere for the value of this gun and found almost nothing. I found a bit of info but no prices whatsoever. Can someone help me out? For what it’s worth, it’s unfired, new still in the box. I’ve added some pictures.

More pics…

A beautiful piece!!

No idea as to the value, but I’ll check around.

An 870 Wingmaster was my first, serious, Dove gun. Given to me by my Old Man, opening day, when I was fourteen.

I’d love to know the rounds I put through it, and the birds it brought down.

They’re still quite special to me.

Sounds good. Thank you!

Looks like there were only 10 made, auctioned off, and the money given to the NRA

Thats with just a quick look, I could be wrong.

If I am right, I would think that gun could be worth anywhere from $10,000 on up.

Lets listen in…

Thanks for the info. The shotgun in the article has different artwork vs the one I have posted. In fact, the one I have, in my opinion, looks far superior as far as the engravings and gold inlay go. I’d like to find a fair market value as I don’t have any interest in keeping the gun.

I’d start here. Someone there will point you in the right direction I feel sure.

Thank you!

I’ve talked to a couple of friends today. Both of them collectors. They both said as far as putting a value on a gun, with limited/special edition status, it’s pretty much up to how much someone is willing to pay.

Both said you have a unique shotgun, and neither had ever seen one. They would be interested in your gun, when you establish a selling price.

One added note, they both asked if your gun was in the Remington “green” plastic case, from the factory? It seems to be more of an added bonus to the collectors.

I’ll start the bidding at $1500


Is the shotgun open for bids?

Hey, fellas. I’m not necessarily looking for bids at the moment, but I did have a local gunshop throw out 8K, which tells me someone is willing to spend big bucks for this thing. Still mulling it over.

As far as the case, the “regular” 10 millionth with the banner (no fancy engravings) came with the hard, green cases. This one only came with the original cardboard case, surprisingly.

Cool! Keep us posted, should you decide to sell it. I may have a couple of interested parties.

I’d, also be interested in the price it fetches?

Even as a Limited/Special Edition, you have an odd bird, for sure!!

Will do, fellas!

I see today that we had almost 3000 more anonymous “hits” on the website than any day lately, I think credit goes to this thread.

I asked a few folks about this gun, as did MixedNuts evidently, and that must have set off a search engine wildfire, lol. Well that and the fact that the same pictures and wording are now on the top of the Remington Shotgun Forum’s webpage, so there’s that.

If you do a search on the 10,000,000th 870 this website comes up atop the list, so anyway, you never know just how much interest something like this will stir up. Everybody pick up a little bit, clean your rooms, and keep the dishes cleaned up,we are likely gonna have company.

Lets listen in…

$1501 cold hard cash

5 thousand


Hey fellas, you’re welcome for the increased traffic to :slight_smile:

I have the gun listed on Gunbroker for a big chunk of change as advised by two different collectors from different gun shops. Seems crazy to me, but I’m confident there is a gun enthusiast out there that would like a piece of history as only 10 were made, and they may pay high dollar for it. If all fails on Gunbroker, I’ll reach out to ya’ll again if you’re still interested.

You got a link to the gun broker listing?