Removing Rust Stains From Fiberglass

So – who’s done it, what did you use?

I’ve got some super-harsh stuff that I’ve used in firearm refinishing that’ll take the rust off of ANYTHING but I’m not really wanting to test that out on fiberglass, ya know?

Then, I’ve considered CLR, but on the label, it doesn’t mention anything about plastic or fiberglass.

Any ideas:question:

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Awe, heck. I found a boating forum and someone recommeneded “Zud” so off to Amazon I went…

Should be here by week’s end. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

'05 Wellcraft 232 Coastal (next week!)

Look forward to that answer as I need to remove some too!

My rust stains are few and far between, knock on wood. But, it looks like lots of sailboat owners (reporting on the web) report good results using FSR. Probably safe for fiberglass because FSR stands for fiberglass stain remover. It’s one of the blue gel cleaners and they say the local marine supply stores have it. They also mention another blue gel cleaner, Y-10.

I haven’t used either but, I think I would try one of these. Let us know how the Zud product works. Good luck.

FSR (blue gell) works great for removing rust stains safely from fiberglass. Most cleaners that contain oxalic acid in them will remove rust and other stains from fiberglass. I’m pretty sure that Zud does contain some in it.

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Rust Aid from Lowe’s -


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For small rust stains and other weird spots that accumulate on my boat I use a mr clean magic eraser. I know it sounds crazy but that and a little water works really good! The reason I like it is there is no dangerous chemicals and it’s probably the most non abrasive thing you can touch your boat with. As far as the really bad stains or anything on the skid pad I would go with one of the above mentioned products. BTW SAMs club sells magic erasers by the box of 10 for real cheap.

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On and Off will do it. The sell it at west marine

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Bar Keepers Friend works real good and is cheap. You can get it from Lowe’s, Wallyworld and a bunch of other places…

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I 2nd the Bar Keepers Friend and the Magic Erasers work wonders. I tried some of that Oxy-Clean on my textured floor with a quick scrub brush and it cleans it REALLY good and fast too. Careful with the B.K.F. You should wax the area when done.

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Bars Keepers Friend…Yes rewax after use…

Another vote for Bar Keeper’s Friend, about $1.50 for a large can at Walmart.

anything with oxallic acid
wood bleach
mary kates “on/off” hull cleaner

no work required

I’m now at

I cant believe anyone has not said this although Chris hit it on the head, Oxallic acid, as in Walmart “Boat Hull Cleaner” the best 8 bucks you will ever spend on a boat. That ■■■■■ is magical. Just wipe on , no elbow grease required. NO elbow grease whatsoever.

Of course you could go to Boaters World and spend 21 bucks for the exact same stuff,oh yeah they are out of business, I WONDER why…

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Thanks everyone! Patience woulda payed off due to the fact that I payed $5.99 on shipping for a $1.99 product, but…

Anyway, I’ll follow up next week. And, if the Zud is a “dud” then I’ll get something suggested here.

Appreciate it!

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