Report 9/17

Drove down with the family on Friday mainly to shrimp and do a little fishing on Saturday. Weather was not great either night for Shrimping but we almost coolered out both nights. Definitely would have saturday night if i we could have kept our stupid homeade PVC poles in the ground at the Crab Banks. Hell you probably saw our asses out there chasing the poles half the night if you were there.

Fishing Saturday was really good even though it was a little cool and windy, as you can tell from the winter gear. Fished the incoming tide from about 3 hours to full. Caught about 8-10 trout only one of size, all were released. All caught on live shrimp.

Caught 3 nice reds all were 28-30, one caught on mud minnow fished on bottom. Other two were caught on live shrimp under poppin cork.

All fish caught up Wando river, fished grass lines around small feeder creeks.

198 Carolina Skiff
90 Honda

Nice Reds, did you notice the “no spot tail” more rare than multi spots.

Hewes 18 Redfisher 130 Yam

I was too focused on trying to figure out where he was fishing. :smiley:

Kidding. I did notice the NO-spot tailed bass. :wink:

nice job ,Im the guy you went to the gun show with. Clemson won that day too. I guess that makes it xtra sweet for you

Hey Greg, you will have to go with us next time should be down next week or two. Yeah we fished that morning from about 8-11, then went to home team to watch the game. Only place I could find to park with the boat and watch the game. I will let Jason know when we will be back in town. Take care!

198 Carolina Skiff
90 Honda