Report/Fish ID help

Hit a local inlet Saturday to get out of the wind a bit…my wife caught 5 of these, any ideas on what it might be?? I have no clue. They were all about 6", caught on fish bites tipped with fresh peeled shrimp, I was surprised she caught something that small, she said it was a pretty agressive bite for their size. Note- not clearly pictured- they all had 2 long white whiskers.

Was able to fish the beach Sunday morning and got 2 nice black drum and a few decent whiting on fresh shrimp on carolina rig. All fish released as I wasn’t expecting much and did’t have a big enough cooler or decent ice…I’ll be ready next time. Saw some menhaden off the beach as well.

Help with the fish ID is much appreciated!

Got a couple of those too, slippery buggars

Some sort of Wrasse?

I just discovered the new search function on my android…looks like a spotted hake

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Yep, you got it. They’ll be gone soon as the water warms up, frequently catch them while whiting fishing this time of year because they like being on sand