Report from 4/6

First trip of the season this past Monday (sorry for late report). Ran out to SW Banks about 40mph in great sea conditions. High Speed Trolled for Wahoo for a couple hours from SW Banks North half way to GT Hole. Found a couple good marks along the way but couldn’t raise anything. Dropped down jigs to the marks we saw and got broke off multiple times. Ended up bottom fishing and grabbed a mixed assortment including a strawberry grouper (first for me), GAG, porgies and as many AJs as we could handle. Slow trolled a decent weed line that formed but only managed a Bonito. Water temps were still a little chilly at 71*. Snotty ride back in from 60ft on in as the SW afternoon blow kicked everything up. Looking forward to getting back out hopefully next Friday to try for dolphin.

Glad to see someone getting out. Hopefully the dolphin will still be around when everyone can get out.

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