Repower Suggestions

Looking into Repower options this winter, any suggestions on local ( Charleston) shops would be greatly appreciated. Yamaha 300 is my first choice for repower btw…

31’ Contender

My mechanic tells me the Yamaha 300 has satisfied all his clients. Hundreds of hours with no issues. I have the 300 and it is fuel efficient (3.5 MPG at 3,500 RPM on a 24’ Seafox CC/30 MHP crusing speed), plenty of power. It is a “fly by wire” arrangement with electronic controls for the gears and throttle.

Seafox 246 w 300 Yamaha

Love the F300 on my Pioneer. Not one issue to date. Great economy, plenty of power and speed on that 22’ hull. Mileage of course depends on conditions, load and all those factors. Average economy is 2-2.5 in fishing conditions and offshore running with a full load and normal seas. Less in the snotty stuff and more in calm waters (like we see those much). I got better economy with the 21 prop but zero hole shot, switched to a 19 and have decent hole shot but lost a tiny bit of economy and top end.

Pioneer 222 Sportfish Yamaha F300
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