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My youngest son’s girlfriend and mother are coming down from NC to Charleston next week to attend an art exhibit. They have asked him to come down one day and join them for dinner and and have asked him (like he’d know) if he knew of any decent seafood restaurants. He knows to stay away from the typical tourists places downtown and the only one I knew of is Bowens Island Restaurant.

If you know of any decent and not fancy seafood (or other) restaurants, I’d appreciate the input. We usually eat at local places when we come down and I think they are looking for something else.


Shucker’s Oyster Bar
Salt Water Cowboys

you can travel out a bit and go to Fish Camp in Jacksonboro. Not fancy, but pretty good seafood last time I was there.

fleet landing downtown overlooking Charleston harbor. good food, good view.
Vickory’s on Shem Creek is my favorite

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I enjoy Fleet Landing a lot every time we go. They have this seared flounder with some sort of apricot deliciousness drizzled over it. Its ridiculous. Its downtown Charleston with relatively easy $5 parking and will impress the ladies without looking like he’s trying to impress them. Get a reservation and ask for a seat by the water.

I haven’t been to the Bowens Island one in a lot of years, but Dad used to take me there as a kid when the only thing there was that place with writing all over the walls. They had the best dang cheeseburgers you could ever imagine.

Lolo’s out that way is decent too. Similar beach vibe.

Marina Variety Store

Thanks folks. Forgot all about Fleet Landing and the Variety Store. This will give me enough to pass on to him.

Thanks again!

Dave’s Carry-Out… Low key, high quality seafood, on IOP. Low key, great seafood and home cooking, located in Awendaw

Both joints have been around 25+ years…you’re doing something right, if you stay in business that long in the greatest part of America…The Lowcountry.

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The fact that southern roots is on that list at all negates it. I walked in there one time and asked what kind of hash they served only to be responded to by the waitress asking, “What’s hash?”

I said good day and went on to Swig and Swine.

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If you don’t know what hash is, you’re a yankee or a bad BBQ restaurant.

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Y’all talking about hash,OTC will be along shortly.haha

I believe you mean hashish… :laughing: