Resurface carport -

Hi guys -

Anyone used that portland cement/ polymer cement to resurface a driveway or carport?

How did it work for ya? Did you do it yourself or hire out? How much of a pain in the butt was it from 1-10

Do a small spot and drive over it and see how it lasts! If it doesn’t work out,you’re not out much!

I did it over a patio couple years ago. Few days after it cured it got really hot & then got rain. The rain on the hot surface caused it to blister up & pop & crack. I ended up having to chip it all up, nightmare.

I have used it on an many floors many times but only inside, never on any exterior surface!

Find someone to grind the concrete for you and polish it…

I don’t have my planetary grinder anymore or I’d offer to help.

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How about using that garage floor paint or some other concrete paint. That is what I ended up doing to my patio & it cover all the cracks blemishes & they are still covered. It was a paint from Lowes, I forget the brand.

Pretty deep for painting over.

I am thinking about shoring it up and then putting down sleepers and a deck over it now…

If you can stand 4" pour a new one over the old one! Be sure to use commercial fiber!