RightRx 5-28 w pics

Finally had another good day. Picked up a couple of BFt in the morning and then picked at the dolphin on the troll and got a couple of nice ones as we pushed out. Got out deep and it was dead so we picked up the gear and ran back in.

On the way we ran right by a small piece of trash and saw two dolphin under it. Throttled back and proceeded to boat 15 dolphin of all sizes on the light tackle.

Highlight of the day: SCDiver gets gaff ripped out of his hands by a slinger and he jumps in head first after him and surfaces with gaff still in the fish. Awesome.

Ended up with 19 dolphin and 2 tuna
Hats off to the lady on the boat who landed in Chas at 10pm from Tx and fished all day with guys on zero shut eye.

Great day!! Were u to the south?

GW 257 Advance


Nice catch!!

Grady White 252 Advance, Twin Yamaha 150 4 strokes

What did the watermelon bite on?

It just found it’s way into the boat along with the fried chicken.

Well done!

GW 232GT Gulfstream
150Yam x 2
“3rd Day”
Gen. Chap.1 Vs.9-13

You guys should have enter Gtown tournament,i see thousands of dollars worth of Tuna and Dolphin in that picture!

Originally posted by skinneej

What did the watermelon bite on?


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Mike Martinez

My hands were a little slick from that fried chicken…