Rigs for Grass Fishing

I have been having a problem with my mullet on a carolina rig wrapping themselves around the grass then a fish immediately snapping the line when they eat the mullet. Any suggestions besides a cork? Needs to be on the bottom.

This is THE BEST rig I’ve ever used for getting reds out of the grass.


Thanks Stinky Fingers

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Thanks ill give it a try this weekend. We were averaging about one fish per 4 or 5 bites. Not a good ratio.

A ‘knocker’ rig will also work. It is very simple. Put a sinker on you line first, then a bead to keep the sinker off the knot, then a small swivel, then a split ring, and then a circle hook. You keep the bait close to the sinker so it will not have a chance to wrap your line. Also, a weedless gold spoon works well in the grass. You can tip it with a soft plastic or a live mullet or mudminnow.

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