RIP Rosalynn Carter

My guess is that Jimmy wont be far behind. No matter your politics, she was a very kind and humble lady.

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Jimmy wasn’t much of a president, but as a former president, he pretty much knocked it out of the park.

My pastor of 30+ years wrote this below. He’s not your typical liberal middle of the road milquetoast type pastor. Citadel grad, reformed theology, mans man.

“ Rosalynn Carter died this week at the age of 96 on November 19th. She was married to Jimmy Carter who served as our 39th president from 1977 to 1981.

She was known for her civility, advocacy for mental health reform, post-presidential commitment to Habitat for Humanity, tenacious commitment to her four children, and especially a tender relationship with her husband of 77 years. I fondly remember reading news accounts of President Carter’s inauguration in 1977, and seeing the Carters holding hands as they walked down Pennsylvania Avenue together.

Mrs. Carter came from humble beginnings. She was raised in Plains, GA. Her father, an auto mechanic, died of leukemia when she was thirteen years old. Thereafter, she assisted her mom in raising her younger siblings and worked in a dress shop to help meet their financial necessities.

In a time when civility/courtesy/politeness is often a rarity in public forum, I want to celebrate the memory of a woman who was faithful to her calling as a mother and a wife.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, I am incredibly thankful for men and women who have lived lives of integrity in an age of the expedient.

So, thank you, Mrs. Carter. “

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He left out the part about her following her calling as good and faithful lifelong practicing christian who led by example.