Rocks in the ICW

I heard some people talking about how you have to be careful navigating the ICW between the Little River swing bridge and the 501 bridge because of rocks just below the surface along the channel. I had not previously heard that and, maybe fortunately, we have not been that way past the swing bridge. Anyone know any information about this?

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stay in the middle

I can tell you for a fact that there is a coquina ledge in the section of waterway that you are referring to. The county is building a new boat ramp at the end of hwy 22 and at low tide you can walk about 30 feet off the bank on dry ground and it is all coquina/rock. We had to dredge/excavate the area to allow for the floating docks and boat ramp. In the section of waterway where we are working, the channel is on the mainland side of the waterway, not necessarily in the center.

The ledge is very shallow a long way out, but it drops off drastically, like 2to3ft shelf to 14ft drop.

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Thanks for the info Goob. Do you know how far down the ICW the ledge/rocks go?

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge…Proverbs 1:7

I am not real sure. I had someone tell me today that you have to be really careful at low tide right around the 501 bridge due to the bricks that used to be dumped along the bank at the old brick yard.

18’ Hewes Bayfisher/115 4 Stroke Yamaha/6’Powerpole, etc

There is submerged rubble along the grand dunes bridge and around the entrance to grand dunes marina. The coquina I have seen is north of grand dunes and mostly on the ocean side of the river all the way to L.R.

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Sounds like a great spot to fish!

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The Rock Pile. If you are Not failure with the area between Barefoot Swing Bridge and Little River Swing Bridge be careful. This area is marked. Stay in the middle of the channel. If you meet another boat slow down to a crawl and move over.

I cringe every time I have to go through this area with the sail boat (4.5’ draft). When we were in Anchor Marina they used to haul 1 to 3 boats weekly that hit rocks. In a big boat, so many times hitting a rock with the prop bends the shaft and the prop cuts a hole in the bottom of the boat and it starts Sinking.

When you’re in the ICW be careful. 3 years ago late one evening I ran up on a 40’ telephone pole floating in this same area.