Rod and Reel Blowout

Penn Sargus 4000 on Penn Slammer 7’. Needs 1 eye fixed. $70

Penn Fierce 3000 Loaded with braid on a Penn Fierce rod. Needs 1 eye fixed. $60

Diawa 253a Millionaire bait-caster. Made in Japan. On an AllStar Select bait runner. This combo was over $600. $250

Shimano Saragosa 7’ Spinning Rod. 15-30lb class. Needs one eye fixed. $25

Penn 440ssg Brand New loaded with 30lb Power Pro Slick Braid. $100

Penn Power Stick New Spinning $50

Penn 440ssg Like new on a Haddrell’s Point rod. Needs 1 eye fixed. Loaded with braid. $80

Scout 185

What line ratings are the Allegiance rods? Would you separate them from the reels?

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