Rod and reel clean out making room for sword gear

I have a mess of stuff I don’t use and need money to buy a deep dropping outfit. I’ll be in Charleston from Dec 23rd - Jan 20th and will have everything with me so make an offer.

Penn Senator 114H2 loaded with fresh 60 lb hi vis yellow mono

OffShore Angler Gold Cup 6’0" 50-80lb conventional rod one guide could stand to be rewrapped but not a big issue.

Ugly Stick (7’0" 8-20lb MH) with Penn 650SSM with fresh line

Kunan rod (7’0" 17-40lb MH) with Penn 950SSM with 40 lb hi viz yellow mono

Penn Sargus 4000 with 20 lb yellow Power Pro and new Battle style handle

Shimano Sojourn rod ( 6’9" 8-14lb M) with Shimano Sargus 4000 with green 15 lb Power Pro and new Battle style handle

Shimano Scimtar rod (7’0" 10-20 MH) with Daiwa BG15

Feel free to make offers and help me get my sword gear to tackle some big uglies. The only trades I’d consder would be for 1000+ yds of 100lb braid, 50+ class 2 speed reel, bent butt rod rated for 100lb line.

Capt. Chris Rapchick

yella bote
black motor

How much would you take for the Kunan rod with the 9500ssm? and what about the senator. What conditions are those 2 in?

950ssm combo is pending.
Sargus 4000 with yellow braid is pending

yella bote
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PM Sent!!!

172 Sea Hunt Triton
1500 key west sportsman

did u sell the sargus? and how much for the senator

31’ Fountain Tornament
Twin 250 Merc.
22’ Sea Pro
140 Johnson
1448 PolaKraft
30 honda 4-Stroke
(Yes I spelled Diesel wrong cant change it oh well)

950 SSM combo is pending to spmirhs
Sargus 4000 with green braid and Shimano Sojourn is pending to leemajors
Sargus 4000 is pending to Tim O’Donnell

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still got a few that aren’t spoken for

yella bote
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What’s left?

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everything but the sarguses and 950 combo

yella bote
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check your pm

Dang, I wanted the 950!

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