Rod/reel for bull reds

With October coming around and the run of bull reds that happens around that time, im looking to add another rod to my arsenal. Any suggestions on a rod and reel setup that would be suitable for fishing for bull reds in October. Im looking for a setup that can not only be used for the reds but also be versatile enough to take to the reef to throw jigs. Currently I have 2 Ugly stik Tiger rods which I love but wanted to hear what everyone else has been using. Thanks for all the help.

Personally, I think the reward is greater when you fight a big fish on a rod that is just enough to handle it. I use a medium rod with a Penn Fierce 4000 reel, 15lb braid and 20 lb leader. I’ve landed some nice bulls and had a hell of a time doing it on that setup. My favorite rods have been the Offshore Angler Redfish Extreme at Bass Pro Shop. I’ve been rocking these rods for years and they have held up where more expensive rods have failed.

I’m just the opposite. I run 50 lb braid with a heavy fluorocarbon leader. Lot less stress on the fish. Oh yeah and I always use circle hooks.

What off the Chain said.

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If im in big water specifically targeting big fish i use Heavy gear. I rather be over prepared then under. 7ft 20 to 50 lb rods and 50 to 80lb braid with a mono or flouro top shot for leader tied on with a fg. I use conventional boat rods, they have no problems with the fg knot to heavy leaders. I use them for multipurposes and will rotate different reels on them, sometimes spinning sometimes conventional a 50 size casting reels up to a 50w for lite tackle shark rod and some times a 6500 to 8000 spinning reel. They are built super tough and the smaller guides give better feel and casting control and distance than a spinninv rod in my opinion. The eyes are like a big water tough version of micro guides.

If im flats or wade fishing or some where else i know no predators are i will lite tackle some 30inch class fish because i can revive them better and they can go recover with out getting eaten.

Do 90% of my Bull Red fishing from the beach.
Light tackle will work there; but it takes a long time to land
large Redfish/rays/Tarpon/sharks etc and usually involves clearing other lines while landing them.Fishing time taken away from other anglers.
There are large predators there; they do not present a real problem.
Most tackle I use is traditional surf stuff-10’-12’rods, bait casting & spinning
You probably want something less cumbersome for boat use.

16’ Alumacraft Mod V Hull Jon Boat
25hp Yammy 4 stroke

Thanks everyone for all the information. Although I enjoy a good fight like Off the chain said, heavier gear seems to be the smart choice in order to make sure these big breeders swim off strong and aren’t to exhausted. Since im mostly going to be fishing the strong currents and big water in the inlets I think the 20-50 lb rod seems like a good fit since it should be able to hold the larger weights necessary to hold bottom. Anyone have a specific brand they like? I see alot of people using the star rods or the shimano trevela but didn’t know if they were worth the extra money.

Okay Matt, I’ll give my take on catching “Bull” Reds.
Bull, being a bit subjective, for me is Red Drum pushing 40". Add some current and it can be a handful with the wrong gear. I use a 9’ med. heavy fast action spinning rod from a boat with no issues. If you go with spinning gear, go bigger as 40inch said. A 30 or 40 class spinner WILL catch a 30#-40# Red, but probably not good for the fish. When targeting Big Reds I prefer 70-100 sized spinner with a smooth as silk drag system, 30# main line min. with a heavy “short” leader.
Don’t get hung up on Brands, you find what works for you a catch some fish.

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I agree with 30# minimum. I’ve lost some nice fish on 20# when I wasn’t targeting them.
I use 50 lb leader, Lupton rig. I like a Calcutta 400 on heavy or MH 7ft rod.

As much fun as it would be to fight them on a lighter setup, I’d rather give someone else the chance to experience the thrill of landing one down the road.

The heavier rigs stress the big breeders less giving them a better chance to survive , also proper handling them is critical , no holding them by the mouth or fingers inside gill plates…

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Originally posted by Tigerthree

I use 50 lb leader, Lupton rig.

…with a Circle Hook…it’s all you need.

I prefer weight after hook, but a SHORT Lupton is a very good rig.

Don’t forget the “SUPER SECRET MAJIC” Beeds. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use a 7 or 8 0 circle hook with the barb pinched. Excellent point about the short leader. I use just enough leader to have the eye of the hook just below or even with the tip of the pyramid sinker hanging off tri-swivel, only 3-4 inches of leader.