Runnin @ the boat

The first two fish we (Chatahoochie and I) hooked ran directly at the boat and under. After losing the first, i decided to raise the dead stompin and wavin if it ever happened again. I did and it didnt work, it came faster. after a cluster%^&*, we finally got er to hand. kudos to Hooch for jumpin out barefoot and taking a barage of crab attacks for the pic! worth it to me, prob not for him…thanks dude!

Shot number 3 is nice! I broke a rod on a fish running under the boat this season. They seem to do that a lot.

Good stuff!, Looks like next week/weekend should be good I’m headed down to hopefully stick a few fish!

If it swims throw a fly at it!

Nice! Can’t wait for 9/17 & 18!

“The good fisherman is surprised when he doesn’t catch fish: I am just the other way around.”
Gene Hill, Passing a Good Time.

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Shot number 3 is nice!..

That’s the picture that answers the question, “do you have to cast 90 feet to catch a fish on a fly rod?”

Nice fish. Where did you get that stripping bucket/basket? I’ve been looking for one.


Sounds fun! I got a strippig basket from a fly shop in atlanta.

I love your boat. Nice setup.
It can be hard to get it close on those short ones. I would rather have a long cast.

the bucket is a line tamer from Pro Trim. about 180 bones but worth every cent IMHO. im getting anutha soon. The boat has two swing arms mounted under the casting platform and the poling platform so they swing outta the way perfectly…and with one on the back, its doouble up time!

Just saw this Report!! Both those fish running right at the boat was crazy… What a great day I really needed it… those pics turned out great Cant wait to do it again!! By the way thanks for not mentioning the dozen shots I missed or the two big fish that came unbuttoned …that was mighty white of you… haha

Pathfinder 1806
90 Yamaha

Here is one of the tails zoomed in on…

Pathfinder 1806
90 Yamaha

Well played old boy! Taj would be proud!

John Cocktoastin

get em.

Every piece of tail you turn down is a piece of tail you didn’t get.


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Here is one of the tails zoomed in on…

Pathfinder 1806
90 Yamaha

That is one nice tail you got there Chat.