Runs great-slow to start = bad bulb

Just passing on a lesson learned. Reworked the carbs last spring (2009) and had the old girl running great. In past few months she was getting harder to start. She’d spin fast and with a little choke she’d fire and spit a couple of times and then die. She’ll do that eight or ten times and just not quite pick up and run. I reworked sync and timing, have clean/recent filters, and thought I was starting to have carb problems again. I could reach the key and the carb linkage at the same time and she would start immediately if I turned the key and opened the carbs as soon as she fired. Then, I actually stopped and thought about it for a few minutes. (Amazing what thinking will do.) I realized that my original squeeze bulb might be the problem. It would get fuel in the bulb and I thought the bulb was getting firm. But, it occurred to me that if the bulb was not actually pushing fuel into thecarb bowls, it should cause the behavior I wa seeing. So, $14 and 20 minutes later, with a truly firm new bulb and full carb bowls, the old girl fired and roared to life on the first revolution.

So, if she fires and spits a couple of times and then dies, repeatedly the primer bulb may be the culprit.

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I had a similar problem with mine. The older bulbs are NOT ethanol resistant and the ethanol in the fuel was eating the inside of the bulb and fuel line (from takn to motor). Chris V diagnosed my issue and sold me a new ethanol resistant fuel line and bulb and I was back in business. Take a close look at your tank as well as the pieces of the bulb and line may have washed into the tank and might get sucked into your carb causing more problems and requiring an additional carb cleaning.

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