rust marks?? pictures check it out

anyone have a good cleaner to remove the rusty marks around srew heads on the boat? ive got some around the swim ladder on the back of the boat that are really annoying me and want them gone. curious if anyone has a “go-to” cleaner to get rid of it. thanks

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Try - Bar Keepers Friend - about $2 at Wal Mart. It’s a powder, like comet,Stainless cleaner, which wooks well on Fiberglass. I use it for al kinds of stains on my boat.

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Works weel, and I use it on all types of stains on my boat.
Lets us know what you think - I like it because it’s cheap and it works.

I second the Bar Keepers Friend. If it keeps Lynnmcd’s boat clean, it will clean anything.

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anything with oxalic acid
wood bleach
mary kates on/off

Is it in the boating section or household cleaners section? Will it hurt the gel coat?

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BKF is in the household cleaners section. In addition to oxalic acid it has a mild abrasive. I use it around screws, the base of bow rails, non skid floor, etc… and have seen no harm to gel coat.

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Mr. Clean Magic Erasure

Barkeepers friend ROCKS!!! be sure to use the powder form and not the liquid form…harris teeter, publix

If you ever have a rust stain that nothing seems to work on, go to Ace and grab a product called Wink, it’s in a small brown bottle. It cleaned up my non-skid after I had some trailer work done and there were hundreds of tiny metal shavings that were left on the deck by the shop that did the repair. I was out of town when the work was done and when I returned after 3 months the rust stains were horrible. Nothing worked at all until I tried that Wink stuff.

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barkeepers friend…and you can get it in gel form too at the grovery stores on aisle where stove top cleaning stuff is…

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bought some of the barkeepers friend stuff last night. will be cleaning the boat tomorrow and will post results of it. maybe some before and after pics if i can remember

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Chris V put me on the wood Bleach for my old boat when I was selling it. Worked well…

West Marine has On and off… awsome stuff, but do not get on skin.

Okay first off, thanks for all the suggestions. Secondly, Bar keepers friend is amazing stuff. I took some pictures of it before and after. It really works. Going to do the front pad now because of all the sun tan lotion on it and will post pics of it also. Heres the back of my boat

06 sea pro 1900sv
“Reel Estate”
06 14ft Alumnacraft

Very nice!

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Gordon Lightfoot says…“Sometimes I think it’s a shame, when I get feelin better when I’m feelin no pain…”.

Good deal! Makes me want to clean the rust stains off my boat now.

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wax everywhere you did that.

2nd what Bandit said…

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