Sad Day

Had to let the old boy go today. RIP Coal.


Pathfinder 23 HPS

Terribly sad for you and your family :yawning_face:

Capt. Larry Teuton
Swamp Worshiper

RIP Coal!!

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He looks like a good and faithful friend. Truly a handsome dog. So sorry for your loss. It’s one of the worlds greatest tragedies that humans outlive their dogs. The world would be so much better off if we all loved, accepted and forgave like a dog does.

so sorry

Prayers for you and Coal.

I’m sorry to hear of the loss! It hurts when you have to say good bye!

Sorry for the loss of a good friend.

Hurting for you.

So sorry to hear that; The gray muzzle and sad/tired eyes says
I’m so tired , it’s time to let me go…


When you see “Old Glory” waving in the breeze, know that it is the dying breaths of our fallen hero’s that makes it wave.
author unknown

Thanks for all the support. I whispered in his ear at the vets that I loved him…he knew.


Pathfinder 23 HPS

So sorry for your loss there is nothing like the love of great dog.Makes your heart hurt,just remember the fantastic years you spent with him.Looks like a fine animal .

My wife and I discussed our final wishes a while ago! I said that I wanted to be cremated! She asked me where I wanted my ashes to go? I told her to put me in between my last 2 dogs I’ve buried in the back yard! I figure that way, I would forever be surrounded by love. I know the Rainbow Bridge, is in my backyard!

Dang, these threads make my eyes water. Sorry for your loss. He looked like a great dog.

So sorry for you and your family. I feel your pain Buddy. My 12 year old yellow lab passed a month ago, and I still look for him to greet me everyday that I pull into the driveway.

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